The digital side of marketing can be cost-cutting, but in the real world, a survey has shown that letterbox flyers can be more obtrusive and expensive. Letter flyers relatively grab more attention than digital marketing. Roy Morgan’s research shows that most of the leading retailers in Australia spend half of their marketing budget in this traditional channel of marketing communication through letterbox flyers. One of the most significant advantages of giving out flyers is that it will never go unnoticed. Interested people will always keep the catalogue making it easier to refer to. This conventional method has been ranked #1 among all marketing strategies as reported in Australia, which means it is sure to give a high throughput success rate.

So how can you make it more useful? Rather than just slipping a black and white paper in the letterbox is not going to make much difference. Make sure your company poster stands out from the rest of your competitors! Make it bright, use colours, use your logo and write texts that will engage your potential customer. Be direct and be precise. Using call for action texts always works. Before that, always do a background research on the type of customers you intend to target. Knowing your target customer is the key to formulate an active marketing scheme. So design your flyer in a way that will beat the rest, and will give you a definite outcome eventually. The popularity of your brand name is directly proportional to the quality of publicity you do. Thus, with the traditional letterbox flyers, you can expect a better response from prospective customers.