Consultation Services

Peer Business Consulting is an upcoming consultation firm dedicated to supporting startups and small business organisation in and around the Sydney area. Our services are wide ranging and cover all the aspects of a business or startup one needs to look into before he or she starts investing. From business planning and advice to cash flow, drawing up forecasts for cash flows, designing an optimum budget sheet, project management services and support, all can be rendered to you in the most facile manner all under one roof.

We genuinely look into the well-being of our customer’s businesses and ensure that you put in your trust in us. Our services will prove to be somewhat assured that your business will not only thrive in this competitive market but also will reach new heights as we believe in maintaining the originality and uniqueness of any business. We will be at your arms end for all critical decisions and help optimise all your strategic options.

What you get when you appoint Peer

  • We provide you with a peer, a friend who will discuss with you all the options for you to avail from.
  • Our peers ensure that the advice given to you is strategically sound and not to forget realistic.
  • With the regular advice and services, you will maintain peace of mind
  • Having taken over all the tedious financial work, you can now focus primarily on running your business
  • We also help optimise your paths so that your profits are maximised. 

Why Peer is different

  1. We firmly believe in converting every small plan into reality.
  2. We will be present like your shadow in every step of your business journey.